This Machine Greens

Bitcoin's relationship with energy is more complex and nuanced than you might think. This film explores why Bitcoin could not only be carbon neutral — but actually helping to green the planet.

Bitcoin has recently faced criticism for its energy use, at a time when carbon emissions and global warming are top of mind for many. This new form of peer-to-peer money may well have exciting possibilities — but how can using so much electricity square with getting to 'carbon zero'?

Starting from the premise that energy use goes hand in hand with civilisation and progress, this film argues that the way forward is more, and cleaner, energy production — and that far from being an energy hog, Bitcoin could be the key to getting us there. Delving into early history of money, the film shows how Bitcoin is part of a lineage of currencies structured around energy — but, due to unique aspects of its design, this latest energy money is promoting the search for cheap, efficient energy.

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